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Advanced WordPress Plugin for Url Shortening, Tracking, & Analyzing.

Convert Your Long Url Into Beautiful Short Url.


Get A Branded Link Management Service

Boost your affiliate sales and marketing campaigns with Professional link cloaking

Create Unique, Branded, Shortened Links

Quickly set up Elite Shortlink on your website to create and manage short, pretty, branded URLs

Aesthetic Drag & Drop UI

Create & manage any links with just a couple of clicks. Manage everything from creating, editing, configurations & all from just one place.

Quick Link Shortening

Make your long URL links into short ones and create pretty links within minutes.

One-Click Share

Copy your shortened URL right from the list or dashboard and share it instantly.

Easy Configuration

Easily set up your Link Redirects (301, 302, and 307) and all your Link options.

Fast Response

Less Database queries resulting in faster response time.

Simple Migration

Migrate from Third-party Plugins such as BetterLinks, PrettyLinks with one-click.

Export Option

Simply export your settings, all of your links and analytic.

Custom Tags & Categories

Now you can add your links to a category and add tags to your redirect links. Managing links becomes much easier when they are properly categorized & tagged.

Set Expiration Date & Click Limit

You can set an expiration date & click limit as well to control your campaigns better.

Real Time Analytics

Generate real-time analytics data and easily evaluate the performance of your cloaked links with just a glance.

Examine Click-Through Rate

Examine the performance of the click-through rates of your shortened URLs right from one place.

Get Started With 3 Simple Steps

To get started with Elite Shortlink, just follow the following steps and you’ll be able to start shortening your url

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can add custom links like, but we suggest you to make the URL smallsmallerler.

From Settings->Tools you are able to see an export option. Where from you easily export data.

Yes, you can import data from Betterlinks, Pretty Links easily.

Yes, you can make every single link with password protection.

Url expiration abilily?

You can easily set your any link with a schedule link & click limit.